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Effect of Pulsing in LLLT
CW light is the gold standard and has been used for all LLLT applications. However, this review of the literature indicates that overall pulsed light may be superior to CW light with everything else being equal.
Lasers in Surgery and Medicine; Vol 42, Aug 2010 450 – 466

Physiological Benefits of LLLT
LLLT Increases: Clee proliferation, cell division, cell maturation, secretion of growth factors, wound healing, collagen production, fibroblasts, myofibroblasts, chondrocytes, epithelialization, skin circulation, oxygen supply.
J Clin Las Med Surg 2004; 22 (2) 141 – 150

Cellular Benefits of LLLT
LLLT Increases: Mitochondria and ATP production, cytochrome oxidase and singlet oxygen, tissue regeneration genes and motor proteins, RNA DNA synthesis, growth factors, cell metabolism, angiogenesis and mitosis
Desmet K et al. Photomed Laser Surg. 2006 Jun; 24 (2): 121 - 128

Bone Regeneration
LLLT improved osteoblastic formation, bone strength in fractures, implant stability and can improve osteonecrosis of the jaw
Lasers Med Sci. 2010 Jul; 25(4):559 – 569

Neck Pain
LLLT proved to be 95% effective at relief of neck pain; recurrence of pain 58% in placebo group, but only 14% in LLLT treated group.
Soriano et al, Laser Therapy, 1996 (8) pp 149 – 154

Nerve Healing
LLLT Increased: Conduction latency, schwann cell product, nerve cell metabolism, nerve process sprouting
LLLT Decreased: Neural scarring and nerve microtubules, retrograde posttraumatic degeneration, multiple nerve discharge
Rochkind S Photomed Laser Surg. 2006 Jun;24(2):121 – 128

Cardiac Pathology Benefits
Animal study: Significant increase in VEGF and iNOS expression, significant elevation in angiogenesis, VEGF and iNOS upregulated and associated with enhanced angiogenesis and cardioprotection. Significantly reduced infarct size.
Lasers Surg Med 2006 Jun 23

Inflammation, Pain reduction and Healing
LLLT precipitates a complex set of physiological interactions at the cellular level that reduces acute inflammation, reduces pain and accelerates tissue healing.

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