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headlight Laser Helmet for Hair Growth

Introducing headlight the world's most advanced laser helmet for hair growth


 World's Most Powerful Laser Helmet for Hair Growth  Active Cooling Technology  Laser Pulsing Technology  Integrated Headband  Beautiful Design

World's Most Powerful Laser Helmet

At Spectralight we set out to make the world’s best laser light delivery system for the treatment of hair loss. In a nut shell that means a device capable of delivering the right amount of laser light at the right intensity and the right wavelength. 5mw 650nm lasers are the gold standard for hair loss treatment and in order to deliver the right amount of light at the right intensity you actually need a lot of them, in fact you need 300 of these babies to treat the area typically affected by patterned baldness!

Why so many lasers? In simple terms, each 5mw laser can only treat a small area of your scalp effectively, so if the lasers are spaced too far apart they can not deliver enough laser energy to be effective. The trick is to position the lasers close enough so that the energy density remains consistent across the entire treatment area. You can't get around this problem with higher powered lasers either, as that will simply result in patches of scalp that receive too much energy and patches that don't receive enough. Therefore the optimum solution is to pack 300 5mw lasers very close to each other in order to achieve sufficent energy density to treat the whole area of scalp typically affected by patterned baldness. 

The headlight laser helmet is the only laser helmet in the world that has 300 5mw 650nm lasers! No other home use laser helmet even comes close to delivering this kind of power!


World First Patented Active Cooling System

5mw lasers are known as cold lasers because the light they generate doesn’t burn, in fact you will not feel any perceptible heat using these lasers even with 300 of them! However the laser casings do give off a small amount of heat and putting 300 of them together in such close proximity in an enclosed space, creates enough radiated heat to be a problem for the lasers, as they are sensitive to heat. This is why we designed the world's first active cooling system for a laser helmet.

Our patented laser cooling technology is totally unique and is one of the key elements that allows our headlight helmet to deliver the correct energy density of laser light evenly across your scalp.

The cooling is so critical because without it, the lasers would need to be spaced further apart, meaning that you simply wouldn’t get the energy density that you need. This has never been done before because no other laser helmet delivers this kind of power and coverage!


Unique Pulsedrive Technology

Making the world’s best laser helmet for the treatment of hair loss also means giving you access to the very latest technology; headlight is powered by our Pulsedrive control unit which gives you access to traditional constant wave light treatment and pulsed light treatment.

In pulsed mode the lasers are pulsed which may help to improve the stimulation and therefore the effectiveness of the therapy. Pulsedrive is also battery powered making your headlight portable and convenient and with just a single button to press, super easy to use!

PulseDrive's built in timer automatically shuts down your headlight laser helmet at the end of each treatment session so there is no clock watching with this helmet. The headlight laser helmet is the only laser helmet that gives you access to constant light and pulsed light treatment modes at the push of a single button!



World First Patented Smart Headband

Delivering the right amount of laser energy at the right density is not achieved by the lasers alone, the entire helmet needs to function together to achieve this and a significant part of that puzzle is to ensure that the lasers are positioned just above the surface of your scalp.

We all have different size and shaped heads and headlight uses a unique headband design that “manages” the proximity of the lasers from your scalp.

Our patented design allows our smart headband to “separate” from the sides of the helmet thus ensuring that your head is always pushed forward and is in close proximity to the lasers. The headband also incorporates air intakes for headlight’s cooling system.

In yet another world first the headlight laser helmet is the only laser helmet where the headband is an integrated and functional element of the helmet. Designed to help ensure even distribution of laser energy across your scalp by managing the proximity of the lasers to your scalp and to facilitate air flow for headlight’s laser cooling system.


Beautiful Design

The four major design elements of headlight are all world firsts! Each element is as significant and as functional as the other and each element is an extension of and works perfectly with the others to bring together the ultimate in LLLT technology for you and this is what we mean by beautiful design. 

Our beautiful design approach also got us thinking about a fifth element to our helmet. We wanted our functionally ground breaking helmet to also be stunningly beautiful! And why not! To achieve this we chose handmade models which allowed us to model the helmet in a very tactile way and ultimately to produce the stunning shape you see today. Once we had the shape we wanted we went to CAD to produce the final product.

 If you agree that all these unique features make headlight the best laser helmet for hair loss in the world and you want to help us to bring it to market, please click here to find out how.

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