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PulseDrive & Adaptor
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PulseDrive & Adaptor

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Product Information

Package includes PulseDrive and our 8V 12A international power supply.



PulseDrive is designed to convert constant wave laser devices into pulsed laser devices and is specifically optimised for Aixiz 3.2 volt laser modules.

Pulsed lasers represent the new frontier for low level laser therapy (LLLT) however pulsing is not new to biomedicine and physical therapy. Many existing biomedical and physical therapy devices that use electromagnetic fields or ultrasound have employed pulsed modalities of treatment for many years. This technology is now pervading LLLT and PulseDrive allows you to easily convert your existing constant wave Laser Messiah® into a pulsed laser helmet without the need to completely replace your helmet! PulseDrive delivers, for the first time, commercial grade pulsed laser drive capability in a simple to use, low cost, home use device!


John Christian aka OverMachoGrande



John Christian aka”OverMachoGrande” 

"I tested the PulseDrive for a while during the testing phase, and I found it to be simply phenomenal. Seriously, I had my mouth open... I had at least as much stimulation (and I think WAY MORE “PUMP”) as I had when I first started using my helmet four years ago - which leads me to believe that FIGHTING ACCLIMATION might be one of the long term goals here, which can be done by simply cycling through different frequencies every few months."




PulseDrive's Main Features:

Microprocessor controlled

  • Built in microprocessor manages all functions including timers and current management
  • An 8 MHz reference crystal is linked to the microprocessor ensuring unparalleled frequency accuracy

Three pulse frequency modes

  • Mode 1: 787Hz
  • Mode 2: 800Hz
  • Mode 3: 8.9KHz
  • Individual mode LED's to indicate selected mode

Built in timer

  • Take the guess work out of laser therapy! PulseDrive incorporates a built in timer, designed to deliver a precise dose of laser light. When used in conjunction a Laser Messiah®, PulseDrive will deliver the exact amount of laser energy required for a hair treatment session, before automatically shutting down! Just select your desired frequency mode and PulseDrive will do the rest – no more watching the clock and no more under dose or over dose!

Built in buzzer

  • Power up tone
  • Audible mode selection tones
  • End of session tones

Capable of pulsing up to five hundred lasers

  • PulseDrive self regulates current and can drive a single 3 volt 5mw laser, or any number of 3V 5Mw lasers right up to 500!

Circuit protection

  • PulseDrive’s microprocessor continuously monitors current draw and will automatically shut down if current overload is detected

High quality construction

  • PulseDrive's case is made from high quality ABS plastic
  • UL94-5VA flame rating. 5VA is this highest UL94 rating possible

Power Adaptor

  • International powersupply - input 110V-240v, 50Hz-60Hz
  • Output - 8 volt 12 amps


User Manual

  • Your user manual will be emailed to you within 24Hrs of purchase - if you don't receive it please check your email spam filter



C-Tick Certification PulseDrive has been C-tick certified for EMC
RoHS Certification PulseDrive is RoHS compliant meaning that it doesn't contain dangerous substances like Lead, Cadmium and Mercury. 


 Click here to go to our home page and view the PulseDrive demo video


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Price: $266.80

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Power Lead

Product Code: PDMK1PS
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