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How LLLT Works

Photochemical interactions, bioelectric and biological induction all combine to induce a complex biostimulation effect!

LLLT has been shown to increase circulation, reduce edema, enhance the formation of blood vessels, increase activity and numbers of fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen) and increase the formation of lymphatic cells. Another of LLLT’s immune enhancing effects is to increase the activity and number of macrophages. Macrophages are versatile cells that play many roles. As scavengers, they rid the body of worn-out cells and other debris. Along with dendritic cells they are foremost among the cells that present antigen, a crucial role in initiating an immune response. There is believed to be four mechanisms by which low level laser stimulation effects biological cells, namely:

Light at different wavelengths initiates specific chemical reactions which once begun, may be ongoing, thus triggering further reactions without the need for additional light.

LLLT is primarily not thermal, however local heating occurs near portions of atoms and molecules absorbing photons and thermal microcurrents created may have significant effects.

LLLT induces electromagnetic fields which polarise and orients molecular dipoles causing electrical microcurrents similar to those occurring naturally in our bodies. Some photons are themselves transformed into electrons at the membrane level via the A3 cytochrome respiratory chain.

Bioenergetic / Biological Induction
Visible red and infrared energy absorbed by cells stimulates further photon emission, recruiting more cells and amplifying the original stimulus.


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